CopyLady - the Official Copier Company
of the Lee County Bar Association.

A Promise Kept

Cynthia Duff is no stranger to the LCBA. “The lawyers in this county work hard;’ she said. “I find them to be honest, fair and in support of law enforcement. “You’ll notice Duff’s bubbly personality, flaxen blond locks and earnest grin at membership luncheons and special events, most of which she sponsors.

Like a superhero, though, she goes by an alias: Copylady. Every superhero needs an origin story. Hers begins more than 15 years ago when, while working at what was then the best-known dealer of copiers, printers and related services in the region, she discerned a troubling lag behind industry trends. So, she founded Copylady and has garnered additional certifications and training for herself and her staff members every year since opening.

Duff maintains that most folks are used to waiting four hours or longer for service when it’s needed. Copylady is driven to instill a new normal, however, characterized in part by a two-hour turnaround time and an exacting, customized product to fit clients’ unique needs.

“Also, they can expect the Copylady install and service teams to know the ins and outs of networking their current technology products in a way that will increase efficiency far above what they thought possible.”

Copylady’s own service offerings have evolved with the needs of its clients, and now operates a wholly owned subsidiary by the name of ITL-Tech, which provides information technology support and even rescues. “We are often called to fix a printer/copier only to discover a client’s IT service people have jury-rigged something in a harmful way.”

One of Duff’s superpowers would seem to be a preternatural energy level and motivation to work on causes close to home. She is a current board member for ACT and supports community organizations too numerous to name here, including the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Dr. Piper Center and Quality Life Center.

The equivalent of “leaping tall buildings in a single- bound” moments come in the form of heroic customer service interventions. Because of Copylady’s efforts and creative thinking recently,

a client who unhappily had four years left on a five-year lease with another vendor was able to replace all existing equipment, upgrade to more advanced systems and walk away from that lease without additional cost. Score another one for Team Copylady.

That team has pleased many lawyers who rely on their computers and printer/ copiers. “Without them,” Duff said, “how else could they turn out all that paperwork with

so many sentences headed by ‘Whereas’ and ‘Now therefore?’ That’s why, if one of their machines develops an issue we’re after it within two hours. That’s our promise and we keep it.”