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“In our business, which includes real estate brokerage, property management, consulting, and new project development, it is imperative that we have sturdy, functional, state-of-the-art copying and internal printing equipment that we can rely upon. CopyLady Inc. has been our go-to company for that equipment for a number of years now and they have never let us down. If there is ever a problem, their knowledgeable technicians are on it right away. I guess we’re spoiled, but we’re convinced that we deserve this kind of service all the time and that’s what we get from the team at CopyLady.”

“Cynthia Duff – the CopyLady – is a total joy, personally and professionally. For more than 10 years, she has anticipated my office needs with perfect accuracy. Before I found CopyLady, I had come to accept a destiny of antagonism with the copier family of machines. CopyLady changed everything. Her copiers and I get along well together. They are much smarter than I am, but I can understand them. It’s a great fit. And for those rare occasions when one acts up, Cynthia’s service organization is first class. They’re on the spot with enthusiasm and competence. Thank you CopyLady for a great 10 years of service!”

“As you might expect, The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce is a very busy place with heavy dependence on our copier and internal printing capabilities. It is our policy to conduct business with our Chamber members if at all possible. In the case of CopyLady Inc., it was not only possible, but after careful evaluation they met and, in some cases, exceeded our expectations when it came to price, quality, and service. We are happy with CopyLady, both as a member of the Chamber and as our current document management supplier.”

“As a planning and engineering firm, it’s vital for us to have accurate and high-powered printing capabilities. CopyLady delivers, and then some. Their knowledgeable staff provides training that makes our complex equipment easy to use. Service calls have been minimal, they’re always handled promptly and effectively. They keep things running smoothly so we can concentrate on what matters — our clients.”

“As our team at CONRIC PR & Marketing has grown over the years so has our need for quality in office printing, scanning, and copying. We turned to the company that has served the LCBA for more than a decade and gives so generously back to the community. Cynthia Duff, Dan Detrick and their staff at CopyLady have provided us with excellent customer service with a speedy response time and state-of-the-art equipment that is dependable. I recommend CopyLady to our friends in business.”

“I would like to give a special thanks to the owners of CopyLady, Cynthia Duff and Dan Detrick, for their dedication to Rotary’s motto, “Service Above Self”. For over 10 years, CopyLady has provided our Rotary club weekly newsletter, on time, and free of charge. This year marks Cynthia’s 20th anniversary as a Rotarian! We appreciate our partnership with CopyLady in helping make our community a better place.”

“The Alliance is bustling with creative energy. Our programs require that we have a reliable system for internal printing, copying, faxing, and scanning at a reasonable price. That’s the fundamental reason we use equipment from CopyLady Inc. Their machines very rarely let us down, and if there is a problem, they are quick to respond! Equally as important to us as a non-profit, cost-conscious organization is their rate structure. CopyLady has provided a cost structure and payment plan that works within our budget and has gone the extra mile to serve our community.

“As the business of our theatres grows nationwide, the Fort Myers staff at Broadway Palm works hard and fast to make sure dinner is served and the curtain goes up. With our daily deadlines, we need a technology partner that can keep up with our pace. CopyLady consistently provides us with superior response times to questions and problems, even providing loaner equipment when equipment from another vendor failed us. From early in the morning until the last curtain call, CopyLady has been there for us.”

“One of the most prized items in my office is my copier from CopyLady. Why? Because I won it in 2014 at the LCBA Bench Bar Gala. I purchased raffle tickets every opportunity I had. I remember telling everyone at my table to “be quiet” so I could hear the announcement of the winning number. When my ticket was selected, I knew that it was going to be the best bar prom ever. The quality of the copier and the service I have received for 3 years could not be better. Cynthia and her team have been tremendous partners of the LCBA for many years. Cynthia is a true asset to business owners, the LCBA, and the Southwest Florida community.”

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