Cell phone companies HATE this 1 trick!

Cell phones. These devices are in everyone’s hands today, and have drastically changed how people interact with the world around them. From staying connected to your business operations from anywhere in the world, to staying connected with your besties, there’s nothing that these devices can’t do anymore!

That is……..Until you run into some insane issues.

Calls dropping, Mobile data going slow or not working at all, texts getting lost in the cyber void, and even issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. This may lead you to think “Man, I better call my cell provider, and either get this fixed, or get a new phone.”

But wait a second! You’re reading this post! I’m going to let you in on a secret that cell phone companies absolutely hate! (Well, maybe not, they would tell you to do this too): Resetting your network settings!

You read right, Resetting your device’s network settings can fix 99% of the issues you’re running into with connectivity, and did I mention that you won’t need to get your phone company involved to do this? Here’s how you would reset these settings:

Android: Open your Settings app, Swipe down and touch System, then touch Reset Options. In here, touch Reset Network Settings. Supply your screen lock code to proceed, then confirm the settings reset.

iPhone: Open Settings, then go to General > Reset. On the Reset Screen, touch “Reset Network Settings”, and supply your passcode. Tap on the red text reading “Reset Network Settings” Your phone will perform the reset process, then restart.

NOTE: This will completely reset and erase the following items:

Wi-Fi: You will need to reconnect to any Wi-Fi networks that you normally use on your devices. This will include re-entering the network password.
Bluetooth: You will need to re-pair all Bluetooth devices you would normally use
VPN: If you use any apps that create a VPN connection, you will need to reauthorize these apps to create the VPN profile. If you used a manual profile (L2TP, etc), you will need to reconfigure this.

Once you reset your network settings, you should see a marked improvement in network performance, both on LTE/5G and Wi-Fi. If there are still issues with your device’s connectivity, then it may be time to reach out to your carrier for assistance, or even maybe do a full factory reset.

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